We have several different motorcycles and this changes from time to time as we throw out the oldies and get the latest. We don't use new bikes. This would boost our prices sky high and that is the last thing we, and we're sure you agree, want.
In no particular order we have:
Kawasaki KLR 650/685
A reliable "thumper". One cylinder 650/685cc, no surprises travel bike. The large fuel tank gives it a comfortable range and the seating-position is relaxed. Suitable for a passenger.
Honda XR 650 R
This monster would do great in the Dakar. With more than 60 horses and less than 140 Kg it is like sitting on top of a crate of dynamite. (Only kickstart)
Suzuki DR 650 SE
The bike for shorter people that can still pull its weight, even at altitudes above 4,500 meters. Steers like a razorblade.
Honda XR 650 L
The "little" sister of the XR R (above). Not as fast, not as light, but with an electric starter and more comfy suspension and seat.
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