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We have several different tours, ranging from 9 to 33 days and from easy to extreme.  And if you want you can design your own program with or without our help. If you want to see the details and price of each tour, just click on its name. 

Single day Off-Road adventure
1 day. Level Medium.  200 km,  100% offroad
If you are in our area and wish to do a bit of exiting exploring, try this.

Motorcycle Diaries.
9 Days. Level: Medium. 815 km, 75% offroad
Ride the trail of Ernesto Che Guevara.  Visit his last stand and his secret grave. Talk to survivors and learn firsthand what exactly happened to world's most famous revolutionary icon. Most of this tour is on awesome unpaved roads crossing amazing scenery.

Highlander 1. 
15 days.  Level: easy. 1750 km, 30% offroad
Specially for those of you who can´t take long vacations and for those who are not sure if their riding skills are up to the challenge of riding lots of “off-road”, but still want to see the most of what Bolivia has to offer.
The 30% off-road sections are mostly well maintained gravel-roads with little to no traffic and on days with off-road, the distance is limited so there is plenty of time to “go easy”.

Starting with the "Ruta del Che" we cross the mountains towards the colonial capital of Bolivia: “Sucre” and the indigenous market of Tarabuco. Then the, 500 years old, silver mines of Potosi, followed by the largest salt-flats in the world: “Salar de Uyuni”, Cochabamba and the highest "Cristo Statue" of South America.
The roads we follow are among the most scenic of South America with endless valleys, towering mountains and amazing natural beauty.

Highlander 2.
21 days.  Level: medium. 2969 km, 40% offroad
For those who want to see most of Bolivia´s “high lights”.
Lots of off-road, but nothing too difficult for the average motorcyclist.

Ascending from 400 mtr up to more than 5.000 mtr and back down again on a selection of the best motorcycle-roads available, including the infamous “Death Road”.
Starting with the “Ruta del Che” we make our way to Sucre, capital of Bolivia. Continuing to ascent we reach the highest city in the world and the oldest operating silver-mines in the world. This is followed by the largest salt-flats in the world and the highest navigable lake in the world. We continue with the most dangerous road in the world until we reach the highest “cristo statue” in the world. A tour filled with extremes.

The Wild Wild West. 
17 days. Level: Medium.  2115 km, 60% offroad
A great motorcycle adventure for those who are not afraid to leave the tarmac.
There are some pretty challenging off-road sections, but nothing too long or too difficult and if things get too hairy to your taste, we always have a trailer for your bike and a comfy spot in the car for you for 5 minutes of 5 hours.

Crossing the wild west of South America. Ascending to well over 4.000 meters to visit the largest salt-flats in the world (and ride across it). Entering the oldest still operating silver mine in Potosi (and set off some dynamite). Follow the footsteps of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid in the spectacular scenery of Tupiza. Have a glass in one of Bolivia's wine bodegas in Tarija and enjoy the fantastic roads and scenery of South Bolivia.

21 or 17 days.   Level: hard. 3310 km or 2305 Km,  50% offroad
This tour takes you from the breathtaking highlands into the steaming Amazon basin and (
in the + version via the "missions") back again. Some of the roads (if you can call them that) are at best "horrible". If there is asphalt, it has potholes that can swallow a medium size family car.  Be prepared for mud, soft sand, bull dust and lots and lots of river crossings. Some with bridges, some without. South America at its best.
In the Amazone we will fish for piranhas, swim with dolphins and see loads of wildlife.

Mission Impossible.
21 days.  Level: hard. 3031 km, 70% offroad
The name says it all. Reaching the top of Uturunku is almost impossible.... Almost,  but it can be done.
The desert sections are simply hard. Soft sand, rocky roads, no roads. It´s all included.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, takes you to the unbelievable beauty of the South- Lipiz desert and it´s colored lagoons, active volcanoes, geysers and spectacular rock-formations.   Naturally we will also visit colonial capital Sucre, the silver-mines in Potosi, the salt-flats in Uyuni, the surrealistic scenery of Tupiza, the scariest busride of Bolivia and much more spectacular places and roads.
On top of this all we will attempt to ride our motorcycles on the absolute highest road in the world (+ 5.800 mtr. or +19,000 ft. above sea-level !!!).
This is the best South America has to offer.

Discover Bolivia. 
33 days.  Level: medium.  4670 km, 55% offroad.
A monster-tour visiting most of Bolivia's spectacular sights. The "Salar de Uyuni",  Potosi's silver mines,  La Paz's witches market,  Tarrabuco's indigenous market,  the Jesuit Missions,  Lake Titicaca and it's islands,  the colonial city Sucre,  the last stand of Che Guevara, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Death Road, Amazonian dolphins, alligators, anacondas, piranhas and more.  And all of those places are connected with the world's most awesome motorcycle roads.

Casa El Barquito, Camino a San del Rosario, Barrio Arriba, Samaipata, Santa Cruz,  BOLIVIA
Phone: 00591-67777277 / 00591-3-944-6716.     

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