This is Uyuni
"I am Beer"  by Don Weempe
"I've got friends"  by Dries Maathuis
"Ohhh shittttt ! ! !"  by Maarten Munnik
"Hamster"  by Maarten Munnik
"Got ya !"  by Erwin Acuna
"Dinkey Toys" by Erwin Acuna
"Dinner guests" by Maarten Munnik
"I am on top of the... helmet"  by Harry Maathuis
"Guliver" by Lucian Gadau
"Jurasic jogging"  by Lucian Gadau
"Out of the bag"  by Elvio Andrade
"Toy Boy" by Andrea Sickert
"Little man, Big bike" by Philip David
"Stop I tell you ! ! !"  by Lucian Gadau
"I like it safe..."  by Lance Bonds
"Moto ZEN" by Dave Russer
"Bike surfin"  by Nick Palmer
"Flame on"  by Jan Schiepek
Anybody in there ?
I ride my helmets
Booty kiss
Enjoying my bubble-helmet
Boots rule !
Karl and the Hulk make porn
Salt Flats Photo Competition
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Because of the total absence of perspective on the salt-flats, you can make the most amazing, weird photos.
Every time we visit the saltflats we ask our participants to make the most original and weird photo possible. Those photos are shown here and the maker of the best photo receives a 20% discount on all our planned tours, for as long as his/her photo is in first place.
It is an ongoing competition, so anyone has a chance.

You can vote by sending an email to:
1st Place
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